[xwiki-devs] Back to the future of XWiki !

Ludovic Dubost ludovic at xwiki.com
Thu Mar 3 13:21:36 UTC 2011

Hi all,

As many of you may know, 7 years ago, I created the XWiki Open-Source 
software.  A few years ago, especially when Vincent arrived, I took a 
step back from development of the XWiki product to focus on developping 
XWiki SAS which allows to support the XWiki development. I've 
particularly spent my time making sure that the deployments of XWiki our 
Customers have been doing are successfull. I've left the product 
development work to committers who under the lead of Vincent have done 
amazing work in the last few years. We have provided some product 
marketing in addition through Guillaume's and lately Gregory's work 
which allowed to bring some feedback from users and customers and also 
bring a different less technical perspective to the XWiki Product 
development. Cati also joined the team and allowed us to make huge steps 
forward in product usability and design.

Now, as XWiki SAS's project implementation team is doing great work on 
it's own, I've decided to involve myself more in the future of XWiki's 
product. I'm now the new XWiki SAS 'Product Marketing' head which means 
I will involve myself in community discussions about the product 
features actively developped, investigated for future development as 
well as in general discussions about the XWiki Software's future. I will 
try to bring the knowledge that XWiki SAS's customer, project managers, 
support team bring us from using XWiki in production environments to the 
community so that we make better decisions, more focused on developments 
that will allow to increase XWiki's success with end users. At XWiki SAS 
we have already done a lot of work to organize this feedback so that we 
know more things that XWiki SAS's developers and the XWiki community 
should work on.

In the next few weeks you will therefore see me work on the 
investigations of future features as well as work more closely with 
developers whenever they feel the need on the features they implement 
actively. I will also manage the different surveys we have done in the 
past to gather feedback from our community. These surveys have still 
been running on the xwiki.org web site although they are now quite 
outdated. I will propose to review them and launch them again.

If users or developers have any feedback about XWiki, about what we 
should work on in priority, please do send that feedback on the list 
(preferably). Although we have a much bigger list of great ideas than 
what we currently can achieve, you can help us on helping us select the 
most important ones that will make a difference.

I would like to use this occasion to thank our great community of 
developers and users who help the committers every day to make XWiki 
better. We could not do this without all the suggestions, ideas, patches 
that our community provides.


Ludovic Dubost
Blog: http://blog.ludovic.org/
XWiki: http://www.xwiki.com
Skype: ldubost GTalk: ldubost

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