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Ludovic Dubost ludovic at xwiki.com
Thu Mar 3 13:43:25 UTC 2011


In the 3.0 Roadmap we had an investigation for the "App within minute" 
feature, which Thibaut Camberlin volunteered to work on.
I've reviewed his work and we now have something ready for review by the 

When using XWiki for development of form based application what I and 
others have found out, is that it's incredibly fast to create a simple 
application when you know which steps to perform (create a class, create 
a sheet, create a template, create a livetable, etc..). Quite quickly 
you have a functionnal application.

The objective of "App within minute" is to bring XWiki Application 
development to non technical users of XWiki. We want to allow an XWiki 
administrator to create a simple form based application in just a few 
minutes without to have to "know" the steps but simple by following 
simple configuration screens.

Here is the proposal and an associated action plan:


The next steps are:

- review by the community
- UI proposals by Caty

Please send your feedback on the review so that Caty's work on the UI 
can be planned.


Ludovic Dubost
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