[xwiki-devs] Where do we put common build tools?

Vincent Massol vincent at massol.net
Fri Mar 4 07:37:11 UTC 2011

Hi devs,

I've started creating the top level commons project and I started moving the top level pom module in there.
However that modules requires 2 build tools: license (adds copyright license info to jars) and verifications (checkstyle).

We need to decide where we put these 2 build tools.

I can think of 3 solutions:

Solution 1
* Create a top level tools project in which each tool is released separately (and thus have a separate  jira project)

Solution 2
* Put them in commons/trunk/xwiki-common-tools/
* Use the same JIRA project for everything in commons/ (ie same release cycles)
* Note: we'll have a JIRA component  for each module in commons/

Solution 3
* Have commons/xwiki-common-tools/trunk(branches/tags) and commons/xwiki-common-modules/trunk(branches/tags)
* Use 1 JIRA for commons/xwiki-common-modules/ and one JIRA per tool in commons/xwiki-common-tools/
* Don't provide a commons/pom.xml file (since otherwise it would be unversionned)
* Note: for artifactIds I'd suggest to not show the "modules" part in the name, i.e. xwiki-commons--component-api, and not xwiki-commons-module-component-api

I'm hesitating between solutions 2 and 3.

Solution 2 is the simplest of all. It just means all common is released together.


If you don't have any idea I'll just pick the one I think is best. We need to progress since the release is for Monday.


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