[xwiki-devs] Back to the future of XWiki !

Andreas Hahn ahahn at gmx.net
Fri Mar 4 09:48:53 UTC 2011


I'm a bit surprised that you are just talking about features and not 
about moving from a niche product to get more mainstream.
When I'm saying niche product I'm just referring to what google trends says.

Well I think that almost all people on this mailing list like xwiki a 
lot and the hard and devoted work the developers are doing and all wish 
xwiki and its backing company all the best and a long and prosperous future.

However I'm concerned when reading that the XWiki SAS 'Product 
Marketing' lead (and CEO) thinks that it helps the product to get more 
involved as a developer.
IMHO a product marketing lead should have totally different priorities.

IMHO its a misconception to think that more features will help the 
product to attract a greater audience.

Just a few things that come to my mind:

* Push xwiki into as many linux distros as possible with 'one click 
* Create ready-to-go images for popular cloud hosters (such as Amazon EC2)
* Talk to as much hosters and push them to introduce XWiki as part of 
their offerings.
* Make it simple and attractive for people currently using other 
software (Wordpress comes to my mind) to move to the more powerful XWiki

I may be paranoid but I wonder if we will see XWiki survive the next 
couple of years if its not gaining momentum in the big world.

just my 2 cents


Am 03.03.2011 14:21, schrieb Ludovic Dubost:
> Hi all,
> As many of you may know, 7 years ago, I created the XWiki Open-Source 
> software.  A few years ago, especially when Vincent arrived, I took a 
> step back from development of the XWiki product to focus on 
> developping XWiki SAS which allows to support the XWiki development. 
> I've particularly spent my time making sure that the deployments of 
> XWiki our Customers have been doing are successfull. I've left the 
> product development work to committers who under the lead of Vincent 
> have done amazing work in the last few years. We have provided some 
> product marketing in addition through Guillaume's and lately Gregory's 
> work which allowed to bring some feedback from users and customers and 
> also bring a different less technical perspective to the XWiki Product 
> development. Cati also joined the team and allowed us to make huge 
> steps forward in product usability and design.
> Now, as XWiki SAS's project implementation team is doing great work on 
> it's own, I've decided to involve myself more in the future of XWiki's 
> product. I'm now the new XWiki SAS 'Product Marketing' head which 
> means I will involve myself in community discussions about the product 
> features actively developped, investigated for future development as 
> well as in general discussions about the XWiki Software's future. I 
> will try to bring the knowledge that XWiki SAS's customer, project 
> managers, support team bring us from using XWiki in production 
> environments to the community so that we make better decisions, more 
> focused on developments that will allow to increase XWiki's success 
> with end users. At XWiki SAS we have already done a lot of work to 
> organize this feedback so that we know more things that XWiki SAS's 
> developers and the XWiki community should work on.
> In the next few weeks you will therefore see me work on the 
> investigations of future features as well as work more closely with 
> developers whenever they feel the need on the features they implement 
> actively. I will also manage the different surveys we have done in the 
> past to gather feedback from our community. These surveys have still 
> been running on the xwiki.org web site although they are now quite 
> outdated. I will propose to review them and launch them again.
> If users or developers have any feedback about XWiki, about what we 
> should work on in priority, please do send that feedback on the list 
> (preferably). Although we have a much bigger list of great ideas than 
> what we currently can achieve, you can help us on helping us select 
> the most important ones that will make a difference.
> I would like to use this occasion to thank our great community of 
> developers and users who help the committers every day to make XWiki 
> better. We could not do this without all the suggestions, ideas, 
> patches that our community provides.
> Thanks
> Ludovic
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