[xwiki-devs] XWiki.CopyDocument and copy.vm

Ludovic Dubost ludovic at xwiki.com
Sat Mar 5 10:10:41 UTC 2011

Currently if I'm correct copy.vm cannot copy because it requires 
programming rights.
If this issue has not been fixed, I suggest that at the same time we 
make a "copy" implementation that does not need programming rights on 
the source document.
A clean copy implementation needs to verify:

Read access on the source
Write access at the target


Le 05/03/11 10:51, Marius Dumitru Florea a écrit :
> Hi devs,
> I just noticed that we have two forms for copying a document:
> Space/Page?xpage=copy
> and
> XWiki/CopyDocument?sourcedoc=Space.Page
> copy.vm has been recently updated to follow the vertical form layout
> standard and its code was also cleaned. XWiki.CopyDocument wasn't
> updated and I find its code a bit buggy.
> Maintaining both of them is wrong so I propose to remove
> XWiki.CopyDocument from the XE xar and update LiveTableResultsMacros to
> use xpage=copy for the copy link in the action column (I couldn't find
> any other usages).
> I'd like to do this asap.
> Thanks,
> Marius
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