[xwiki-devs] Extension Manager status for 3.0M3

Ludovic Dubost ludovic at xwiki.com
Sat Mar 5 11:55:51 UTC 2011

Hi Thomas,

I'm trying to get up to speed with the Extension Manager.

Did you manage to get this done or is it still in the works ?
If it's there, how can we test the feature and current status ?

Also I'd like to propose that we put a few things in place for the 
Extension Manager feature:

1/ An action plan on this page:


We do have a lot of Use Cases, but we don't know the priority of each 
and which one are worked one/already done.
The "Gadgets Action Plan" is a good example (although it's not up to date):


One we have an action plan, I'd like to review it and make sure we 
haven't forgotton:

- which work is needed to wire the feature for "end-users"
- platform work (have a respository available)
- sample extensions (have some sample extensions in the repository)

2/ Build a test plan so that Sorin can test the new feature and verify 
it corresponds to the objectives

What do you think ?


Le 21/02/11 09:41, Thomas Mortagne a écrit :
> Hi devs,
> I did not had much time to work on Extension Manager lately so you did
> not seen much new things.
> I'm concentrating again on it and here is what you can expect for 3.0M3:
> * multiwiki support: it means that you can install an extension on
> specific wiki(s) (even jar extensions)
> * xar handler: the possibility to install/upgrade/uninstall a xar. It
> will be only a first version here since it's a very big work.
>    ** will contains:
>      *** import a xar into the wiki
>      *** the xar can have infinite number of pages and attachments,
> it's just limited by the size of each attachment right now until the
> storage API support fully streamed attachments
>      *** very limited upgrade: import add a new version to make sure to
> not loose anything, there is no real merging handling
>      *** still experimental (not stable) API
>      *** still demo-like UI
> I'm pretty much done with multiwiki support and import and currently
> writing tests for it. Then I will add new feature in the UI.
> The next step will be to concentrate on xar merging for framework side
> and start sealing a bit more the API. Some work on the UI will
> probably be done at the same time too.
> Thanks,

Ludovic Dubost
Blog: http://blog.ludovic.org/
XWiki: http://www.xwiki.com
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