[xwiki-devs] [proposal] tracking status of major features in the current version in development

Ludovic Dubost ludovic at xwiki.com
Sat Mar 5 13:25:42 UTC 2011


I took the liberty to update a bit the roadmap page

to add links to the Design page or the JIRA page when they existed.
I also added the Investigations with links in the page.

I would like to propose that we increase a bit the visibility on the 
development of the features.
What I would like to suggest is that:

All major feature in development or investigations gets a "Design" page 
and these pages are linked from the Roadmap page.
The Design page should include at least:

- the use cases that are being implemented
- a link to the JIRA issue if it exists.
- a link to the UI design proposal. I would also like to suggest that 
the UI design proposal are moved from myxwiki.org to xwiki.org either on 
their own wiki or on the dev wiki.
- a design document which explains the objetives and implementation 
strategy (this should be reviewed by the community through the mailing list)
- and most importantly an action plan with priorities and status on each 
element of the action plan (it can list the use cases that are first 
being implemented or other actions necessary to implement)

- the action plan should be updated after each Milestone release.

- we should also update the Roadmap page when we know a feature is at 
risk of not making the final release.

We already have a lot of that sometimes a bit disorganized. The 
objective and design is often in a mail thread. It would be better if 
the last status is on the Wiki.
But more importantly what is more missing is the implementation 
strategy, the action plan with the priorities and the current status.

In order to help out prioritizing development based on what we feel the 
users more need we need the splitting of priorities and the status.
This is particularly important for large features that have a big impact 
and a lot of potential user interactions (extension manager, dashboards, 


Ludovic Dubost
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