[xwiki-devs] Editing dashboards: "view" mode or "edit" mode? ( was Re: Testing Dashboards in 3.0 snapshot )

Luca Anca lucaa at xwiki.com
Tue Mar 8 15:01:32 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-03-05 at 12:44 +0100, Ludovic Dubost wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried the dashbord on 3.0 snapshot and could not make the "Add 
> Gadget" function work on an empty dashboard.
>  From what I see the issue seems to be in the wysiwyg code. I got the

no, it's dashboards code, I forgot to handle the case when the column
where the gadget should be added doesn't actually exist.

> dialog box from the wysiwyg, when clicking on Insert Gadget" I got an 
> exception:
> uncaught exception: Class$dF: One or more exceptions caught, see full 
> set in UmbrellaException#getCauses
> at
> function nr(){try{null.a()}catch(b){return b}}
> This issue seemed to only happen with an empty dashboard macro (with not 
> gadget yet added).
> I think we need to work on two things for each feature that we are 
> developping:
> 1/ Having a status of where we are:
> In the case of Dashboard, I think that's updating this page:
> http://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Design/Gadget+Scenarios+Prioritized

I updated the table. There could be new cases, I guess, to comprise the
missing things (like adding a column when editing, or others a like),
but I prefer to use Jira issues for these. WDYT?

> 2/ Write a test plan and have Sorin include the testing of new features 
> in his testing.
> For that he needs to know how to test and what is supposed to be 
> there/not there.
> Concerning the development priorities, I think for the next period of 
> development on the dashboard we need to focus on wiring the UI for 
> "beginners", making it easy for them to create their first dashboard. In 
> my view this is in priority:
> - Create page with a dashboard macro (In the Add Menu in XE)
> - Go to edit more 

What's "edit more"?

> (I'm still convinced that we need the dashboard 
> editing in "view" mode and not in "inline" mode)

What do others think?
Knowing that the current edit in inline mode has a few limitations:
* remove gadget will be saved immediately, not when the user clicks
"save". If the user says remove gadget, confirms the remove and then
clicks the "cancel" button in the edit form, the remove will still be
* same for add gadget.

The way I see the two possibilities:
A) "View mode edit" will save on every change
B) "Edit mode edit" (implemented as inline edit, now) will save
everything at the end (current implementation but with the limitations


> - Add a column in your dashboard
> - Editing a dashboard

you mean editing a gadget? as in the parameters of that gadget?

Also, I would add to this list, potentially at the top:
- finalizing the structure of the dashboard / gadgets objects, so that
we don't have migration in the next releases (e.g. if we decide to add a
field in the gadget object to identify which is the dashboard of that
gadget, in case there are multiple dashboards on one page, we should do
it now).

Thanks for the feedback,

> Also for the 3.1 timeframe I think we need to have some brainstorm to 
> add some more "Dashboard" friendly macros/gadgets to make dashboards 
> more usefull and interesting for users, but that's another story.
> Right now I think the most important is that we agree on the priorities 
> for the next step and that for 3.0 we have a simple but coherent 
> dashboard feature.
> Ludovic
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