[xwiki-devs] Message Stream (aka User Status) needs for final 3.0 release

Vincent Massol vincent at massol.net
Thu Mar 10 11:22:08 UTC 2011

Hi (Sergiu),

I think there are 2 things we absolutely need in the message stream (user status) implementation before we can release 3.0 final, ie so that it can be put in production:

* Ability to filter user statuses per wiki. On a XEM install a user status sent in a given subwiki shouldn't leak to another subwiki. This is required for example for myxwiki.org.
* Ability to remove a given user status. Imagine that we upgrade xwiki.org or myxwiki.org to 3.0M3 and someone registers and send a user status with some spam content... We wouldn't be able to remove it (except by having to go to the DB).



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