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Ludovic Dubost ludovic at xwiki.com
Thu Mar 10 17:26:54 UTC 2011

I've talked to a Sinequa consultant for integration of XWiki with the 
Sinequa indexer using the REST api.
A few things where missing:

XML export using REST  (this is actually way important also for exports 
and stuff. We need all XML exports that we have in the XWiki api, with 
versions, without, with attachments, without etc..)
All modified pages accross wikis in a XEM
List of deleted pages
or more generally an exposition of the activity stream
HTML rendered version
Some easier way to access the rights information of a page/space/wiki
  (the XML version of a page allows it but a more specific rights 
subsystem could be usefull)
Same thing for user and groups

This is probably true for any search engine. It was possible to use 
other XWiki URLs to access the missing information but having it in REST 
would be better.


Le 10/03/11 16:14, Guillaume Lerouge a écrit :
> Side topic: I'll get some feedback tomorrow from an XWiki users and how
> they're using the REST API to expose XWiki data in a portal.
> Here's some of the feedback I got:
>     - When retrieving the content of a page from REST, we get source content
>     (wiki syntax) ->  il would be nice to be able to get HTML-rendered content
>     too
>     - We'd need to provide some high-level services from REST ->  for instance
>     a REST resource that sends back the whole arborescence of the wiki (right
>     now you have to retrieve every space, then every page of every space one by
>     one)
> Guillaume
> On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 16:10, Fabio Mancinelli
> <fabio.mancinelli at xwiki.com>wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I was wondering in which XWiki subsystems the REST API is used in a direct
>> way.
>> I know that it is used in different place but I don't have a clear vision.
>> Could you please tell me where are you using it?
>> Thanks,
>> Fabio
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