[xwiki-devs] Message Stream (aka User Status) needs for final 3.0 release

Sergiu Dumitriu sergiu at xwiki.com
Thu Mar 10 17:53:19 UTC 2011

On 03/10/2011 12:22 PM, Vincent Massol wrote:
> I think there are 2 things we absolutely need in the message stream
> (user status) implementation before we can release 3.0 final, ie so
> that it can be put in production:
> * Ability to filter user statuses per wiki. On a XEM install a user
> status sent in a given subwiki shouldn't leak to another subwiki.
> This is required for example for myxwiki.org.

K, but I didn't do anything to customize the wiki filtering, that part 
was supposed to be handled already by the main {{activity}} code. I just 
added more constraints on messages. If events do leak, then it's a bug 
in the activity macro. Did you test it and encountered this problem?

> * Ability to remove a given user status. Imagine that we upgrade
> xwiki.org or myxwiki.org to 3.0M3 and someone registers and send a
> user status with some spam content... We wouldn't be able to remove
> it (except by having to go to the DB).

K, I already added the method to the Java component. But currently only 
the author has the right to remove it, since there's no way to check if 
a user has admin rights from components. It can be done via a script 
with PR.

Sergiu Dumitriu

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