[xwiki-devs] anonymous user / custom authentication

Kevin P. Foote kpfoote at iup.edu
Mon Mar 14 15:33:26 UTC 2011

Hi devs,

In writing my own auth plugin I want the ability to run XWiki in
anonymous browsing mode as well as the login request triggering my
particular auth jar (much like xwiki.org - you can many pages w/out 
actually authenticating). I have two resulting questions.

Is there a magic user name in the form of XWiki."anonymous"/Guest etc.. 
that I can return in my checkAuth? OR am I thinking about this 
incorrectly and xwiki already knows that this user is who the context is

I see in reading the xwiki.cfg and tutuorials on how to run your own
authentication code that there is a way to override the login page
within the config. Is there also a way to "override" the call to the
login? I know in (cough,cough) confluence they have a seraph mechanism 
that you can override what the login action is... looking for something 
similar here.. 
I've thought of perhaps using an apache rewrite rule on the
login/XWikiLogin page to trigger my auth

Thanks guys..


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