[xwiki-devs] gsoc 2011: introduction of Jamexu

许凌志(Jamesxu) lingzhixu326 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 15:03:41 UTC 2011

Hi, everyone:
I am James Xu, and now I am an undergraduate student. I would like to
join GSoc this year. I am interested in the idea "Auto Completion in
Content Editors".

I have more than 4 years web developemnt, php for 4 years, and java
for 3 years. For java web development, I used
SSH(struts2+spring+hibernate) often,

and I also have project experience using velocity as view layer.

Beside, I am very interested in front-end design, and have more than 3
years experience in javascript development, I am the one of the early
user of

dojo since the 0.9 version, and I am now using jquery a lot, I am also
a big fans of google, I start getting to know GWT this year, but I
think I would
be a quick learner based on the kownledge gained from other tools and
my own experiences.

Though I don't have experience in developing rich text editor before,
but I had used a lot of them, and also I have done one project related
auto completion for facted search input form of the resource search system.

I read some documents of the idea page, I am attracted by the
autocompletion functions for a web rich text editor, I think we can
refer to the eclipse
HTML editor, when you first typing "<", there will be a suggest box
for next input of html tags, and it will be narrowed when you type
more. I think

it can be applied to xwiki editor for various syntax.

For example, if user type"{{", then it should suggest him a list
like"code,box..."which are the macro tags started with "{{", when user
type "enter",

then it will insert to the text area the following:
"{{box cssClass="" title="" width=""}}   {{/box}}"
I think this will save the time for user to type all the macro tags by them own.

Another useful function could be the same as described in the idea
page, when user type "[[" it will auto suggest the documents of the

However, some of the xwiki syntaxes are different from the enclosure
style of HTML tags, and some function looks very intuitive, it will be

confusing when using it, so I should think more about it.

Hope you all can give me some tips to complete this idea. thank you very much

and I would like to participate in GSoC-2011. I am mainly
interested in contributing to the project idea "Mobile Skin for XWiki

Enterprise". I have been working on web development for the past two years
and developed a couple of websites. I have a good knowledge of HTML,XHTML
and CSS , I also know PHP and am learning Javascript. If someone could help

me regarding this , I would be really thankful.

Best wishes,

许凌志(Jame Xu)

MOE KLINNS Lab and SKLMS Lab, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Department of Computer Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University

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