[xwiki-devs] GSoc 2011: idea "Auto Completion in Content Editors" (updated)

Marius Dumitru Florea mariusdumitru.florea at xwiki.com
Tue Mar 22 01:51:38 UTC 2011

Hi James,

On 03/20/2011 08:06 PM, 许凌志(Jamesxu) wrote:
> Dear Marius Florea and Anca Luca:
> I am James Xu and I want to contribute to xwiki community through GSoc
> project. I am interested in working on the idea "Auto Completion in Content
> Editors".


> I choose this idea for two reasons:
> First, I knew Xwiki since 2009, and that is the first time to use xwiki as
> wiki system in our lab, and I think it's time to give something back to
> xwiki.
> Second, the idea "Auto Completion in Content Editors" attracts me a lot. I
> have done some projects related to autocompletion before.
> the first project is to implement an autocompletion feature for search input
> form for a Web search system of our lab;
> the second is to research how to aggregate widgets for a mashup system, and
> wired all them up through an autocompletion algorithm.
> Though they are different from this idea, they give me some general ideas
> for autocompletion, and I want to extend autocompletion function to the
> content editors based on the kowledge gained from the previous projects and
> research.
> Here are my understanding of the requirements of this idea, and I hope you
> can give me more tips and feedbacks:
> For xwiki editor:

> - Implements autocompletion function for content editor, for example,  when
> user want add link to their wiki page, they first type"[[", and then the
> autocompletion function will run to give him the suggestion of some
> documents begin with the charactor he types in, the list will narrowed when
> he types more. another example can be autosuggest to the attachment link.


> - Auto completion for some syntax like eclipse HTML editor. for example,if
> user type"{{" which is the syntax for xwiki macros, then it should suggest
> him a list of macros name like "box, code..." when user select one, if say
> "box", it will insert to xwiki the following:

> "{{box cssClass="" title="" width=""}}   {{/box}}" , user should not
> remember what the attributes for the macros, and would not to close the tag
> after a long input.

It doesn't make sense to automatically print all macro attributes. You 
can generate just {{box}}{{/box}} and implement autocomplete for macro 
attributes instead, which could be triggered by Ctrl+Space when you have 
the caret like this:

{{box |}}{{/box}}

> what should I do is to find out which syntax can be improved by such kind of
> autocompletion, and what is the interaction between the editor and the user.

I think autocomplete for links, images and macros (including macro 
parameters) requires already a lot of work so the project should focus 
on these syntax elements only.

> For xwiki WYSIWYG editor:
> - Supply the same function as what we have done in xwiki editor, and then
> translate automatically into what should it look like for end users. For
> example,when user finnish the box macro, it should be transalted to
> visualized box module for user,


> as well as when user type //word//, it will shows up  '*word*'.

This is less important but indeed nice to have.

> I have almost 4 years web development experiences, php for 3 years, and java
> for 2 years. I have some knowledge in using SSH(Strust2+spring+hibernate) as
> java web framework. I am also practiced in javascript/css/html,and have more
> than 3 year development experiences. I use dojo for almost 4 years since
> version 0.9, and jquery for 2 years, I am starting to use GWT this year, but
> I think I would be a quick learner based on the knowledge I gained from the
> other two js toolkits.

Good knowledge of JavaScript, DOM and OOP (for the GWT code) is the 
basic requirement to finish this project.

Let me know if you have further questions. I'm on IRC (mflorea) BTW if 
you need quick answers.

Hope this helps,

> Look forward to your feedbacks.

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