[xwiki-devs] [Proposal] Use "colortheme" for the home dashboard by default

Sergiu Dumitriu sergiu at xwiki.com
Tue Mar 22 08:08:15 UTC 2011

On 01/14/2011 06:52 PM, Vincent Massol wrote:
> On Jan 14, 2011, at 4:05 PM, Sergiu Dumitriu wrote:
>> On 01/14/2011 03:34 PM, Anca Luca wrote:
>>> On 01/14/2011 03:22 PM, Sergiu Dumitriu wrote:
>>>> On 01/14/2011 10:54 AM, Vincent Massol wrote:
>>>>> Hi devs,
>>>>> I'd like to suggest we use {{dashboard style="colortheme"/}} by default on the main dashboard for the following reasons:
>>>>> 1) the default style has a heading size issue and it's hard for the dashboard to guess the correct size in all situations
>>>>> 2) it clearly shows it's a dashboard
>>>> What is style="colortheme" supposed to do? I tried it locally on an
>>>> older 3.0 SNAPSHOT and I didn't see any difference.
>>> It's styling the dashboard, as actual gadgets, similar to panels: with a
>>> nice colored titlebar with caps titles, and a border around. It's "new",
>>> it was committed on Monday (and hudson was crawling on the floor all
>>> this time so you might not have it).
>> Why is it called colortheme?
> Because it takes the style from the current color theme.

I'm reviving this thread after a very long time, but I believe it is 
better and easier to make the change I propose now than later.

The name 'colortheme' for the dashboard style is inappropriate. All 
dashboard styles should use the colortheme, so there's nothing special 
about this one. Just because the boxes look like the panels is not a 
good enough reason to call the style "colortheme", because other styles 
can use the colortheme in a consistent way and would deserve the name 
"colortheme" just as much as this one. the plain dashboard style uses it 
already, so obviously the name is totally irrelevant. And not only 
gadgets, but all the other components use the colortheme.

A first suggestion is to name this style "panels", because that's what 
it does: it makes the dashboard boxes look like panels. Yes, I know 
panels are supposed to disappear soon, but the term "panel" is not bound 
to the xwiki-application-panels module, a "panel" is "sheet that forms a 
distinct (usually flat and rectangular) section or component of 
something". And even if the panels application will be deprecated soon, 
the term is still valid. That's what those are, panels, panes.

And another reason why "panel" is a better term: the style uses the 
colors for the panels: panelHeaderBackgroundColor, panelHeaderTextColor, 
panelBackgroundColor. Again, even if the current panels technology will 
get deprecated, the color theme names will be the same, and visually we 
will have the same thing, a content column with "panels" on the side, no 
matter how those panels are implemented.

Sergiu Dumitriu

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