[xwiki-devs] Ideas For AJAX Form Editor

nikhil gupta nikhilgupta0901 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 17:39:49 UTC 2011

I have gone though the form editing part of the xwiki,where we can include
the fields according to the requirement.
As per the requirement of our project (AJAX FORM EDITOR) we have to provide
one USER INTERFACE for the user through which he can drag /drop the fields
according to his form requirement.

We can extend this idea a little bit .We will not only provide the form
generation part but also include its action part i.e  user will give the
name of the database where the action has to take place(if have to insert
the record or update the record in the database).Moreover, we can also add
style for each field where user can define its style according to its choice
and we can also provide the style sheet for the whole form also.

User will select the type of the field for example in the form there are
certain fields which get insert ,some gets updated when the form gets
submitted,so according to the nature and requirement, user will enter the
type of the field.Types can be "INSERT","UPDATE","VIEW" etc.

So for this we can use the resources which is present in the xwiki,in that
we have all the fully functional fields , we can make any field , so our
work will now to provide the interface for the user where he can drag/drop
the fields and also provide the interface for the style part and also to
create the action file and rendering file which would render the

Nikhil Gupta


Nikhil Gupta
BTech CSE III yr
IIIT Hyderabad
Hyderabad 500032

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