[xwiki-devs] [Proposal] Default edit mode for a page

Vincent Massol vincent at massol.net
Thu Mar 24 17:37:12 UTC 2011

On Mar 24, 2011, at 6:28 PM, Luca Anca wrote:

> Hi all,
> starting from the need of the dashboards, to specify the default edit
> mode for a page, here's how I would like to implement it, in the
> following days.
> Context:
> There is already a mechanism for this, which works like this: if,
> document A includes sheet B and sheet B has an object of type
> "XWiki.SheetClass", then clicking the edit button of document A will
> automatically open the edit mode specified in the XWiki.SheetClass
> object of the sheet B.
> Proposal:
> 1/ I propose an enhancement of the existing mechanism, to allow such an
> XWiki.SheetClass object to be attached to the document A directly.
> Namely the edit mode for the document A will be read first from the
> objects of type XWiki.SheetClass in document A, then if none found, from
> the objects in the included sheet.
> 2/ XWiki.SheetClass should be renamed to XWiki.EditModeClass, or
> XWiki.DefaultEditModeClass, or something alike, that suggests its
> purpose. Current class name will be deprecated but still preserved for a
> good while. What would be your name proposals for this?

XWiki.EditModeClass is good for me.

> 3/ optionally, we could deprecate the current mechanism, and say that
> objects should never be attached to sheets anymore, only to pages. This
> way, the usecase of a sheet should be implemented by adding the
> EditModeClass object in the template from which docs are created, so
> that it can be easily propagated to a set of documents. 
> I am not against the current mechanism, I think it's a nice helper, and
> the replacing implementation has the drawback of making it mandatory to
> create documents through templates, or manually adding this object in
> the doc creation code. Therefore, I would be -0.5 on this. 

For sake of simplicity I'd be for deprecating the current mechanism and replace it with the new one.

> 4/ optionally, add an edit mode panel (or whatever we want to replace
> them with) to change this from a nice UI. This can turn out useful in
> cases when such an edit object is added automatically (e.g. dashboards)
> and when it's no longer needed (dashboard macro call is deleted from the
> page), the default edit mode still stays the one set automatically. This
> is  very optional, as I see little cases when users would delete just
> the macro call, and not the page as a whole.

Agreed that it's very optional as this stage.

+1 in general


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