[xwiki-devs] [Discussion] Template provider action after create

Luca Anca lucaa at xwiki.com
Thu Mar 24 18:28:26 UTC 2011

Hi devs,

since I fail in all the ways to get a dashboard to be editable when
editing it after creation from a template, I would like to know what you
think of the next idea:

We add a field to the TemplateProvider to specify what should be the
action on creation from that template: "save & view", "save & edit", or

Let me explain what first option would mean and then you'll figure out
the other ones. When you have a template provider with "save and view"
action on creation the following will happen:
1. click the add button
2. choose a template & fill in the page & space name
3. click create
4. the document is created and saved, and the user is being shown the
document in view mode.

The current implementation is "edit", which means that at point 4 in the
list above no document is saved, the user is being shown the new
document is edit mode, and until he hits save the document is not saved.

I think it's a nice to have feature, since for other templates it might
make sense that the document is, actually, created (and saved). Since a
document created from a template already has content, it has meaning and

** The only major drawback** I see with this is that, looking at the
create form, the user will not know what will happen when he clicks
"Create", since it will vary according to his choice of template. We
might fix this by adding this information under the template name in the
list of templates in this form.

What do you think about this? is it a nice feature to have?


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