[xwiki-devs] [VOTE] Move to maven 3 as the minimum supported version instead of 2.2.1

Sergiu Dumitriu sergiu at xwiki.com
Fri Mar 25 10:01:44 UTC 2011

On 03/25/2011 10:50 AM, Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> Le 25 mars 2011 à 10:39, Vincent Massol a écrit :
>>> Honestly, I have a hard time to keep up with the maven versions...
>>> I was somewhat more active at maven 1 and now maven 3 would be imposed me...
>> Well this is only if you need to build xwiki from sources and honestly installing maven is so easy (takes exactly 1 minute last time I timed it!) that I can't see this as a real blocker :)
> Hence the +0.
> Was it Curriki, I had bragged.
>> Note that maven3 is much better than the 2 and a lot faster so you'll benefit ;)
>> Thanks for your feedback though.
> I feel there's a use in staying at classics such as older maven or older ant. Everyone knows them and you don't have to relearn.

There's not much to learn, unlike M1->M2, which was a bit 
groundbreaking, M2->M3 is much more backwards compatible. Most of the 
changes are in the internals, not in the usage. From the user's 
perspective, there are a few more command line parameters that can be 
used to optimize the build process. The POM structure is unchanged, most 
plugins are still there and work the same way, the command line syntax 
is the same.

> But I am sure Thomas had arguments in favor of Maven3... he did not mention them.

Sergiu Dumitriu

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