[xwiki-devs] Photo Album Application for GSOC 2011

Ecaterina Moraru (Valica) valicac at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 21:05:43 UTC 2011

On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 16:38, shweta agrawal <shweta.9996 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am Shweta Agrawal, final year computer science student at IIT Roorkee,
> India. I want to apply for GSoC this year and am interested in working on
> Photo Album Application.  I have four year experience in web development
> and
> have good understanding of HTML, CSS, Php, python and Javascript. I have
> worked on creating user interfaces for a couple of websites and developed
> applications like online music player (similar to grooveshark), online
> notice board etc for my Institute's intranet.
> As far as I understand the project, it's aimed at developing an application
> where users can
>   -  upload the photos (one by one or zip files or folders) with
>   information like date, caption, location etc.- this info can be extracted
> by
>   reading exif information. *additional* - multiple file selection and
>   upload, drag  and drop functionality (supported by HTML 5 compliant
>   browsers). ** *doubt* that do we intend to create a default album for all
>   the images uploaded/attached by user on any of the pages i.e. not only
> the
>   images that are uploaded for some album. It will provide user an easy way
> to
>   manipulate and browse through all uploaded image files.

the intent is to have albums. This means the user specifies the desired
photos he wants to add to his album.
About your idea: to have an album with all the images uploaded by user: this
is already accessible if you go to Main/AllDocs?view=attachments and filter
the user.

>   -  create albums and add information like title, caption, description and
>   location. *doubt* - will there be any limit on maximum number of
>   photographs in an album?

we don't have any limit on the number of attachments we add to a page, so we
shouldn't have a limit here either.

>   -  browse through the uploaded photographs (available in browsers not
>   having javascript - It can be done using css3).

we recently have something like
to give you some example of extensions that handle attachment viewers.

>      - view as thumbnails and slideshow (with adjustable timer and with
>      manual browsing).
>   -  migration tool from the old version photo albums. *doubt* - what does
>   old version photo albums refer to?

This is the very old Photo album application that we want to replace.

>   -  ability to tag and associate comments with attachments. *doubt* - does
>   attachments here refers to image files only or any type of files.

for the purpose of this project refers to images, but this should be
extensible so we could comment on any type of files.

> I have browsed through the code of older photo album application.  I need
> guidance that is how should I start working on this application? I am
> thinking about starting with uploading part.

Learn a bit XWiki structure and the way applications and extensions are
done, integrated and reused.
You can find lots of applications at
You can play with them, see also the source code, etc.

The specifications for this project are very oriented towards the HTML5
standard so you should check that out too.


> Looking forward to your feedback.
> Regards
> Shweta Agrawal
> B.Tech IV YR CSE
> IIT Roorkee
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