[xwiki-devs] Interested in working on the project "Calendar Application" as part of GSOC

Anurup Raveendran anurupraveendran at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 12:20:44 UTC 2011


My name is Anurup Raveendran. I am a Final Year student in Model
Engineering College,Cochin,India. My major is in Computer Science &
Engineering. I came across the idea "Calendar Application" in the
project ideas page and I find it very interesting. I have done many
web-based projects , most of them in php and javascript.  I am also
quite familiar with the jQuery library. I have also designed a few
websites. I am very interested in working on this project as part of
GSOC . It would be great if anyone would guide me on this project.


Anurup Raveendran
Computer Science & Engineering(2007-2011)
Model Engineering College, Cochin
Mobile: +919895301078
Landline : 0496-2503009
E-mail id : anurupraveendran at gmail.com

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