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Fawad Ali m.fawaadali98 at gmail.com
Sun May 12 17:46:06 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,
Hope all of you are doing great.

About Me

I am Fawad Ali, selected as a student for Google Summer of Code. Currently
enrolled in the 6th semester at University of Engineering and Technology,
Taxila. I am a resident of Pakistan currently living in the city of

It is a great honor to have been selected and have a chance to work with
XWiki. :)

GitHub - https://github.com/9inpachi
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/fawadaliq/
Riot - @ginpachi:matrix.org

I will be presenting my project "Map Application" to all of you. Following
are the relevant details.

Map Application

*Mentors: *Stéphane Laurière, Ecaterina Moraru

*Technologies:* JavaScript, Velocity, Java, Leaflet, other if required


This project is about the development of interactive maps in XWiki.
Creation of an application within XWiki that will allow users to generate
interactive maps which support collaboration and are easy to create so that
locations can be shared, and areas can be associated with structured data.

This application will open several possibilities that can be utilized
within XWiki and broaden the overall scope by allowing map rich wikis where
locations and areas can be presented in a way that will increase the
understandability of data.

It will also allow for the sharing of custom map related data which would
be very helpful since users and admins will be able to present locations in
an information rich map environment which will be interactive.


> *Markers and popups* - Place markers anywhere on the map and associate
popups with them.
> *Path between two points* - A path will be generated by the application
linking two points of interest.
> *Location search* - Search any location on the map.
> *Filtered list maps* - Allow the user to search for a specific kind of
place (e.g. restaurants) and get a list of locations to choose from.
Through the content available and binded to a location, the user will be
able to learn some aspects of the location.
> *Custom shapes* - Custom shapes can be used to highlight a specific area
for representation. The content associated with these shapes can give
useful information about the area.
> *Indoor maps* - Such maps will be able to describe the internal structure
or fair plan of a building or structure. They can be used to guide users in
a big building and locate point of interests.
> *Maps on mobile* - Special design arrangements will be made for easily
viewing of maps and availing all the features of the application on mobile
> *Custom map backgrounds* - Custom backgrounds will make the environment
of interactive maps much suitable for a specific purpose

If you have any features in mind that will make the Map Application better
please feel free to reply to this mail.
This is all for the summary of the project, if you want to have a more
deeper insight, please check out the full proposal.

*Project Proposal: *

Thanks for reading through the mail. I will be looking forward to your
guidance through this summer and your contributions to the project.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reply to this

Au revoir. :)

Fawad Ali

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