[xwiki-users] Problems with tags

Vittorio Torroni vittorio.torroni at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 17:55:19 UTC 2009


I have 3 problems with tags:

1 - I have only 1 document in my wiki. I have added 1 tag to it, but
it doesn't show in the Tags page

2 - Certain tags cannot be deleted. I have a tag called fede" and when
I try to delete it it gives an error: Deletion of tag fede failed. I
would try with tags that don't have the double quotes, but I keep
adding new ones and yet they don't appear in the Tags page (see
problem n. 1 above)

3 - I have only 1 document in my wiki and a number of tags defined for
it. When I display the tags page and select one of them, it says there
no documents with that tag.

Anybody can shed some light?
This is a pretty fundamental functionality for a wiki and it would be
a pity if there were a bug that prevented it from functioning



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