[xwiki-users] Page title bugs when using objects in XE 3.4?

Mark Wallace mwallace at modusoperandi.com
Mon Jan 30 22:24:21 UTC 2012

Are these bugs in XE 3.4?  When I create a new class and then objects of 
that class, the page title is the name of the class sheet, not the name 
I entered for the page (which is what I'd expect and what you'd see in 
earlier versions such as XE 3.1).  I call this BUG 2 in the steps to 
reproduce, below.  While we're at it, there is also what I call BUG 1 in 
the steps below, where it appears the name of the class does not show up 
in the "bread crumbs" trail (or whatever you call that) at the top of 
the page.

Steps to reproduce:

1.Log in as Administrator

2.Go to /Data types/ page 

3.Enter class name /TitleTest/ and click /Create This Class/; (system 
shows an edit page)

4.Click /Save & View/; (system shows the class page)

5.Click on /class editor/ link; (system shows editing class page)

6.Enter property name /aString/ with type /String/ and click /ADD/ button

7.Click /Save & View/

8.*BUG 1*: Note that at top of page, says Wiki Home >> XWiki Space >> 
Data Types >> (blank).Shouldn't there be the class name here?)

9.Click /Create the Document Sheet/

10.Click /Bind the sheet to the class/

11.Click /Create the Class Template/

12.Click /Add a TitleTest object to the template/

13.Under /Create a new document/, enter Document name /TestDoc1/ and 
click /Create this Document/

14.Enter the value /some value/ for the /aString/ property and click 
/Save & View/

15.*BUG 2*(?): Note that the largest text on the page is /TitleTestClass 
Sheet/ --shouldn't this be the page name we used to create the new 
document, the same name that is at the end of the URL 
(http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/TestDoc1), which is TestDoc1??

16.Click /Edit > Wiki/, and enter the title /TestDoc1/ and click /Save & 

17.Note that the largest text on the page still says /TitleTestClass 
Sheet/ --shouldn't this be the title we just entered??

Mark Wallace
Principal Engineer, Semantic Applications
Modus Operandi, Inc.

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