[xwiki-users] Watchlist App Email Notification generates incorrect document links

Alexander Stepanov astepanov2007 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 14 17:03:29 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I have noticed that XWiki 6.1 generates incorrect document link in
notification mails in our setup.
It duplicates /bin path element into /bin/bin in every link.

I've searched the mailing list and could only found this thread:
with an almost identical description:

>>>> >>>>* duplicated "/bin/" element in link URL
*>>>>* e.g. http://subwiki.server.com/bin/bin/view/SpaceName/PageName

Unfortunately, the problem hasn't been solved and no other discussions were
seen on this topic.

Here are more details about our installation:
* XWiki 6.1 (and recently tried 6.4.1 with the same result)
* Tomcat7 container running ROOT.war with XWiki application on
* xwiki.cfg contains xwiki.home uncommented and set to a correct public URL
* Nginx frontend using proxy_pass to serve the public URL

I have also noticed that links to the same pages in emails sent by "Share
by email" extension are correct (no /bin duplication).

We are using XWiki as a corporate knowledge base, so the correctness of
email notifications are important for us.
Any help will be appreciated.

- Alexander Stepanov.

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