[curriki-devs] Curriki Branches for 2.0 and 2.1

Joshua Marks jmarks at curriki.org
Sat Nov 20 21:19:56 UTC 2010


Curriki.org is running on the Curriki 1.8 branch, and we need to continue to
build and modify on this branch. As long as there is no impact on this and a
there is a path to migrate to a newer branch and core, then I am fine with
this. However, if there are implications, please describe them. 

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Hi Curriki Devs,

We (XWiki) would like to create the curriki-2.0 branch and move the 
trunk to be curriki-2.1

We currently have one project that is running over XWiki Core 2.3 (which 
is activated on the current trunk).
And we now have another project which is starting and should run on 
XWiki Core 2.5.

Therefore we would like to move the trunk of curriki on XWiki Core 2.5 
and before that create the curriki-2.0 branch based on XWiki Core 2.1

Here's my +1


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