[xclams-devs] Announcing Curriki-1.11

Paul Libbrecht paul at hoplahup.net
Wed Jul 4 19:22:24 UTC 2012

The Curriki team is happy to announce that Curriki-1.11 is released in source trees and deployed on www.curriki.org. It is made of:

- XCLAMS branch curriki-1.11 (maven version 1.11.1)
- CurrikiSolr, 1.2 (maven version 1.2.1)
- a set of Apache rewrite rules and xwiki configurations

We are particularly proud of this release because it updates us to XWiki 3.5 which brings access to new useful features for our platform such as attachments delivered from files and a much stronger monitoring. 

Supplementary to these, this release bring us:
- an enriched registration with the required user-location
- a considerable performance boost for the content-tree-view (views of collections when you add or organize)

More information about XCLAMS, the XWiki Collaborative Learning Assets Management System is at 
More information about the Curriki platform is at 

The detailed issue-based release notes is here:


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