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Underline the edit this page link

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cid:jira-generated-image-avatar-d2ef4270-b381-4e42-8cbf-57cd8b75489e Changes by Charpentier Lucas on 17/May/24 17:37
Description: When looking for an unexisting page, the link edit to create is not underlined while inline.
This inconsistency arose after the merge of XWIKI-
21452 21492 .

This is one of the major causes left for link underlining automated errors.

{quote}WCAG warnings in the test class [org.xwiki.administration.test.ui.AllIT]:
Validation in the test method [registerJohnSmith]
Check for [org.xwiki.test.ui.po.DeletePageOutcomePage] at [http://xwikiweb:8080/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/RegistrationConfig].
Found [1] items

1: Links must be distinguishable without relying on color
Description: Ensure links are distinguished from surrounding text in a way that does not rely on color
Help URL:
Help: Links must be distinguishable without relying on color
Impact: serious
Tags: cat.color, wcag2a, wcag141, TTv5, TT13.a, EN-301-549, EN-

HTML element:
<a href="/xwiki/bin/create/XWiki/RegistrationConfig/WebHome">edit this page</a>
Selector: [.panel-body > a]
Fix any of the following:
  The link has insufficient color contrast of 2.4:1 with the surrounding text. (Minimum contrast is 3:1, link text: #2f70a7, surrounding text: #333333)
  The link has no styling (such as underline) to distinguish it from the surrounding text

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cid:jira-generated-image-avatar-d2ef4270-b381-4e42-8cbf-57cd8b75489e Charpentier Lucas on 17/May/24 17:32

Started a PR at