xwiki-devs October 2011

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[xwiki-devs] [UX][Consistency][Vote] "Page" vs. "Document" consistent naming
by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica)
8 years, 9 months

[xwiki-devs] Questions about fixing getRenderedContent() bug
by Vincent Massol
9 years, 4 months

[xwiki-devs] [Proposal] Cleaning our POM deps by explicitly listing used dependencies?
by Vincent Massol
10 years

[xwiki-devs] [Proposal] Finding how many active instances of XWiki there are out there
by Vincent Massol
10 years, 9 months

[xwiki-devs] Redirect to a space
by Bruno Amaro Almeida
11 years

[xwiki-devs] Pretty Time library
by Vincent Massol
11 years, 11 months

[xwiki-devs] [VOTE] Improving documentation and automating our Release Notes when doing releases
by Vincent Massol
12 years, 1 month

[xwiki-devs] [Proposal] Changes to Page Creation needed for Application Within Minutes
by Marius Dumitru Florea
12 years, 2 months

[xwiki-devs] [VOTE] New {{display}} macro and changes to the {{include}} macro
by Vincent Massol
12 years, 5 months

[xwiki-devs] How to load GWT application on Xwiki pages?
by Leon Wang
12 years, 7 months
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