xwiki-devs November 2016

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[xwiki-devs] [proposal] Process to handle Pull Requests
by Ludovic Dubost
5 years, 2 months

[xwiki-devs] Velocity 2.0 and DeprecatedCheckUberspector
by Claude Brisson
6 years, 1 month

[xwiki-devs] [Vote] Assignee for PR: Contributor or Committer?
by Ecaterina Moraru (Valica)
6 years, 2 months

[xwiki-devs] [Proposal] Entry point for Extensions
by Vincent Massol
6 years, 11 months

[xwiki-devs] Edit Modes vs. Editors
by Marius Dumitru Florea
7 years, 5 months

[xwiki-devs] [Proposal] New Best Practice for closing issues as Duplicate
by Manuel Smeria
7 years, 5 months

[xwiki-devs] [VOTE] xwiki.org Governance change for paying extensions
by Vincent Massol
7 years, 6 months

[xwiki-devs] [ANN] Release of Nested Pages Migrator Application 0.7
by Guillaume Delhumeau
7 years, 7 months

[xwiki-devs] [Idea] XClass Preferences
by Marius Dumitru Florea
7 years, 7 months

[xwiki-devs] [Proposal] Introduce a maintenance mode
by Vincent Massol
7 years, 7 months
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